Thursday, July 16, 2009


Very few occasions necessitate words. This is one of them. Watch this movie. Get educated. Learn where your food is coming from. This movie will change the way you eat, guaranteed.

I have never realized the crisis our food industry is in, and that is no accident. Everything is behind closed doors. Farmers' contracts are terminated for talking about the truth. It is a felony in some states for you to criticize the food industry.

Did you know that you can buy a double cheeseburger for one dollar but that same dollar cannot buy a crown of broccoli, and that is no accident. When McDonald's is the biggest purchaser of beef, potatoes, and lettuce in the nation, their influence is far greater than the local farmers'.

Our government's policies have made it "cheaper" to eat unhealthily than healthily, and that is no accident. High-placing individuals of many multi-national food companies are now highly-placed in government organizations such as the FDA, USDA, and EPA.

It may be easier on the wallet, but consider the other costs:

There are nutritional costs: a corn-fed, mass-produced cow will expel all the E-coli bacteria in their bodies if switched to a grass-only diet within one day, but it costs the companies too much to do this, so they continue to feed you a cess-pool of diseases.

There are societal costs: mass producing meats makes the company treat their workers the same as their livestock--as temporary creatures whose comfort and well-being do not matter because they will be gone, anyway.

I'm just regurgitating information from the movie now, so do yourself a favor and watch it. Heck, I will do you a favor and pay for your ticket if that makes you go see this movie, no joke. Just use the link at the right to email me.

Watch the movie and take action. Thanks!